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To be a diverse, welcoming environment where learning is the priority.

Goal #1: Increase academic success for all students.
Goal #2: Strengthen student-student and student-adult relationships.
Goal #3: Improve post-secondary outcomes for all students.

West’s 2012-13 priorities to meet these goals:

Engagement for students and staff --

  1. Support positive behavior in classrooms and hallways.
  2. Allow students to voice concerns and impact decisions.
  3. Improve communication and build a sense of community at West.
  4. Quality Instruction in every classroom --

  5. Support learning that is challenging and relevant, with respect for the world outside of school.


Madison, a city of approximately 228,200 is the location of the state capitol and is the largest campus for the University of Wisconsin System. Madison has long been considered a leading cultural and educational center of the mid-west. West High School is a comprehensive four-year high school with a current enrollment of approximately 2,200. West High School's students come from various social, economic, and cultural backgrounds. Located near the University of Wisconsin, West has a large international population. Approximately 45% of the students are students of color.


West High School offers students opportunities for different levels of rigor in all required core courses. Changes to our curriculum for the 2011-12 school year are the addition of separate honors courses in English and Biology and AP history offerings in the 9th and 10th grades. All AP and Honors courses will be designated on the transcript with an AP or HNRS. English 1 and 2 are required in 9th and 10th grade respectively, whereas 11th and 12th grade students may choose from 21 different semester English courses that vary in content and level of difficulty. In any given school year, 75% of the student population elects from 5 foreign language offerings. West High School also offers school-to-work initiatives through Career and Technology Education courses in the following departments: Business/Marketing, Computer Science, Family and Consumer Science, and Technology and Engineering.


A total of 22 credits is required for graduation, including the following:

4     credits of English
3     credits of Social Studies
2     credits of Mathematics (1 credit Algebra, 1 credit Geometry or Integrated Math I and II)
2     credits of Science
1.5  credits of Physical Education
.5    credit of Health


A ............... 90-100
B ............... 80-89
C ............... 70-79
D ............... 60-69
F ............... below 60

Grades are not weighted. Students may elect to not include Physical Education in their GPA. West High School does not routinely provide class rank.


are most welcome at West. Visits may be scheduled by calling the Counseling Office at (608) 204-3073.



In addition to 21 interscholastic sports, 70 extramural activities and a wide range of performing arts productions, more than 110 extracurricular organizations provide a wide variety of activities which enrich the West High School experience. Ranging from our nationally recognized Science Olympiad, Rocket Club, and Chess Teams, to DECA, HOSA, Fine Arts Week, and multi-cultural retreats, the activities program reaches every student.


The National Merit Scholarship Corporation named 26 seniors from the Class of 2012 as National Merit Semi-Finalists. West H.S. ranks #1 for National Merit Semi-Finalists among high schools in the state of Wisconsin.


In the spring of 2011, a total of 170 West High School students took 313 Advanced Placement examinations. The average grade on all these examinations was 3.92. Eighty-seven percent of the scores were equal to or better than 3.0 (score typically necessary to receive college credit).


Test scores are not a part of the official high school transcript; students must request that test scores be forwarded directly from the testing agency.

4-Year College                                                83%
2-Year College Transfer& Voc/Tech Schools      8%
Work Full-Time                                                 2%
Miscellaneous                                                   4%
Enter Armed Forces                                           2%

Distribution of those attending 4-year colleges:

Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison                               23%
Univ. of Wisconsin (non-Madison)                       21%
Out-of-State Public Colleges                              20%
Private Colleges                                                34%
Undecided                                                          2%

Principal: Mr. Ed Holmes

Assistant Principals: Ms. Melanie Thiel, Ms. Theresa Calderon, Ms. Beth Thompson, Mr. Mitch McGrath

School Counselors:
Ms. Rebecca Bebber-Wells, 204-3194
Ms. Marilsa Hansen, Dept. Co-Chair, Bilingual Counselor, 204-4131
Ms. Lucerne Rice, 204-4130
Ms. Sara Neuenschwander, Dept. Co-Chair 204-4133
Ms. Lisa Eykholt 204-4134
Mr. Andrew Stendahl, 204-4135
Ms. Stacy Eslick, 204-4129
Mr. John Evenson, 204-4132
Registrar: Ms. Amy Keleny, 204-3064
Secretary: Ms. Cindy Ramsfield, 204-3073



SAT Scores Reported for the Class of 2011: 700 or above - CR = 24%; Math = 27%/600 or above - CR = 56%; Math = 65%

Madison West High School

"National School of Excellence"

Accredited by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and by the North Central Association.

30 Ash Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53726





WHS CR (V) Mean:                               621

National CR (V) Mean:                          497

WHS Math Mean:                                 625

National Math Mean:                            515      

ACT - Scores Reported for Class of 2011


ACT College Readiness Benchmarks           Eng         Math       Rdg       Sci

                                                                     18             22           21         24


WHS % at or above Benchmarks                  87%          74%        78%       61%


National % at or above Benchmarks            66%          45%        52%       30%


WHS Mean Score:             25.3

National Mean Score:        21.1


POST GRADUATE PLANS (based on 295 returned surveys)