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Getting Involved - WHS Clubs and Activities





Contact Person
Phone/Room #
Meeting Day
Amnesty International Dave Ross 204-3084 Thursdays 12:00pm Rm.239
Anime Club Loren Hegge 204-3511 M-F Lunch Rm. 311
Asian Club Melody Mar-Pohl and Linda Brewer





3:30-4:00pm Rm. 214

Angela Rubin


Mondays - Thursdays 3:45 – 5:00pm Rm. 235
 Biology I Honors Club  Mike Merline  204-3181  Thursdays  12:00 pm Rm. 361
Breakdance Club Jeff Kriese 204-4128 Thursdays 3:30 pm Rm. 135
BSU (Black Student Union) Sean Gray 204-4992 Thursdays 12:15 pm Rm. 147
Capoeira Jose Armacanqui 650-888-1525 Tue. & Thur. 3:45-5:45 Rm. 237
CASE (Cross Cultural Academic & Social Experience)  Linda Brewer  204-4124  Thursdays  12:15-12:50 Rm. 319
Chess Club

Mike Lyman

Neil Gleason

Mike Lyman: 218-8454

Neil: 238-4312 / 242-6245





Rm. 438

Rm. 333



Nicole Stuckey


Officers- Every Wed

Members-2nd Wed of month


Members: 7:45am

Room 137
Diversity Alliance

Laura Crouch


Wednesday 12:25 Rm 303
Drama Club R. Jallings 204-3182 Tuesday  A and B  Rm 272
Earth Science Club  Don Vincent 204-3180 Wed/Thurs B Lunch Rm 339
 Equestrian Club  Becky Bebber Wells  204-3194  Monday  A and B  Rm203


John Rademacher and
Sarah Taylor

Rademacher: 204-3181


Taylor: 204-3186

Oct- Apr.


 A and B

Room 368
Room 355

 Free the Children  Patrick Grady  204-3186  Monday  A and B Room 216
French Club Avril Hanson 204-3511


once a month

A and B


Room 334
French Honor Society Jennifer Muchka 204-3511 Wednesday 7:30 am Room 332
Gay-Straight Alliance Ellen Pryor 204-4136 Thursdays 3:30-4:00pm LMC
Geography Olympiad Bruce Mjaanes/
Dylan Mathieu
Wednesdays 7:45 am Rm. 233
German Club Wendy Weber 836-9823 Wednesdays 7:45 am Room 315
Green Club Patrick Grady        
HOSA Heather Lott 204-3530 Every other Tuesday 7:45 am Rm. 105
Imagine Jane Bernstein 204-3196 Wednesdays 3:30 pm Rm. 235
Japan Bowl Loren Hegge 204-3511 Thursdays 7:45-8:15am  
Japanese Club Loren Hegge 204-3511 1st/3rd Wed. of Mo. 3:30-5:00pm  
Japanese Honor Society

Loren Hegge 204-3511      
Jazz Too Steve Morgan 204-3092 Wednesdays 3:40-5:00pm Rm. 255
Jazz West Steve Morgan 204-3092 TBA TBA Rm. 255
Knitting     Fridays 12:25-12:55 103/105
LaCrosse - Boy's

Phil Lyons

Tom Darcy

Harvey Briggs


271-9642 tdarcy@aol.com


Spring sport TBD TBD
LaCrosse - Girl's Ginny Kester 204-5533 Spring sport TBD TBD
Latin Club Gale Stone 877-1455 Wednesdays 3:30pm Rm. 315
Latino Dance Club Ms. Mar Pohl/Ms. Miller 204-4111 / 204-4990 Mon. & Wed. 3:30-5:00pm Rm. 001
Math Team Steve Lang 204-3534 Wednesdays 7:45 am Rm. 142
Men's Choir     Thursdays 7:30-8:15am Rm. 351
National Honor Society Chris Hager
Barb Drews
Angie Carlson
Hager- 204-4102 ext. 63550
Drews- 204-3212
Carlson- 204-4102 ext. 63371
1st & 3rd Wed of each
7:45 Rm. 215
OM (Only Meditation) Gary Powell 204-4201 ext. 63381 Wed. 12:25-12:50 Rm. 305
Maria Meyer 204-3196 Wednesdays 3:45 pm Rm. 216
Peer Tutoring


Julie Jones 204-3353 Times vary TBA TBA
Pep Band Steve Morgan 204-3092 Varies TBA  
REACH Club Charles Cunningham 204-4129 Tuesdays 2nd/4th Room 215
Regent Review Newspaper Mark Nepper 204-3186 Mondays (Biweekly) 3:30pm Room 306
Rocket Club Chris Hager 204-3181


12 noon
Room 365
Roof Over Our Heads David Ross 204-3084 1 event    
Rowing Club Mary Luteyn 442-2242






Boat House

Rugby - Women's Lori Wesolek
Dan Greene
204-3084 2 times a week TBA TBA
SADD Cindy Neusen
Michelle Marking
Thursdays 7:45am Room 308
Science Olympiad Tim Thompson 204-3180 Varies TBA TBA

Ski Club

Laurie Wesolak/
Jim Slattery(parent)
Wed/ Dec, Jan, Feb
Fri/Jan, Feb, March

SMART (Students Modeling a Research Topic)

**Also at Milw. Sch. of Engineering Center for Biomolecular Modeling
7:45-8:20am Room 368
Snow Pirates Gale Stone 877-1455 Tuesdays 3:30 Rm. 315
Social & Leisure Activities Club Dan Boyland 249-1009      
Spanish Honor Society Maria Llera 204-3511      
Speed Reading Club Ed Lucas 232-0232 Times vary   Rm. 239
Student Council Heather Lott 204-3067 Tuesdays-once a month Rotating Aud. or Caf
Students For Combating Poverty Through Education Maria Meyer 204-3196 Thursday 7:45 am  
Students For Informed Response (SIR) Jane Bernstein 204-3196 Friday 7:45am Rm. 245
Taiko Drumming
Heidi Hastings 204-3095 Thursdays 3:45-5:15 Cafeteria/
Tutoring Julie Jones 204-3353 M-F All day Rm. 212
Ultimate Frisbee Jane Bernstein 204-3196      
Water Polo Club Jean Rapraeger 204-3191      
West Climbing Club Mr. Powell 204-4102 x63381 2nd & 4th Fridays "B" Lunch Rm.237
Winter Running Club Ms. Kiciak 204-3534 M-F After School Cafe. & around Madison
WOMP (West Old Movie People) Kelly Janke 204-3534 Tuesdays Once a month Varies
WOW (Women of West or
West Organization of Women)
Steve Olson   Thursdays 12:30-12:55 Rm. 307
Yearbook Holly Everill        
Young Democrats Association David Ross 204-3084 Wednesdays 3:30-4:30pm Room 237
Young Republicans David Ross 204-3084      


Amnesty International

Amnesty International is established and run by students. This club's focus is on human rights and their violations around the world. Actions may include letter writing, collecting signatures for petitions, etc.

Anime Club

Anime Club students view and critique popular works of Japanese animation. Members must have an interest in Japanese animation.

Art Team

West Varsity Art Team is a group of creatively inclined students who take on various aesthetic endeavors including school mural creation and restoration, various art workshops and public service projects like helping with the Habitat for Humanity "Super Bowl".

Asian Club

Asian Club is a group that is full of excitement and determination to help others.


ASPIRA, which means aspire, is an academic after school program for Latin students. Our aim is to encourage students to participate and set goals to do better in school. ASPIRA meets Monday thru Thursday from 3:45 to 5:00pm in Room 244. For more information, feel free to contact Yared Torres Cesanas, Youth Program Coordinator at 255-3018.

Astronomy Club

Discuss and learn about Astronomy. Plan evening and weekend observing opportunities. Open to all students and staff.

Bowling Club

A bowling league basically for a group of people to bowl and compete in bowling championships.

Breakdance Club

BSU (Black Student Union)

The Black Student Union (BSU) provides support for African American students through weekly meetings and various social action projects. If you are interested in becoming a member, contact Sean Gray or Boyce Hodge.

Calvin-Ball Club

West High Calvin Ball Club is a Club that shows the appreciation for the wondrous game that is Calvin Ball-based off the game from comic Calvin & Hobbes.

Chess Club

West is the reigning state team champion and has won 4 of the past 6 years. The chess club meets twice per week for a total of 5 1/2 hours. We operate with volunteer coaches and receive no financial assistance. Members must have a working knowledge of and love for chess.


Debate explores a variety of policy issues in and academically competitive environment.


DECA is a marketing organization that participates in social, community service and leadership activities. DECA members also compete at district, state and national conferences. Members must have an interest in business/marketing.

Diversity Alliance

Students come together to recognize the rich cultural diversity that exists within West High School. Its members plan ways to celebrate this diversity like the acquiring of flags posted in our hallways, and the International Week Festivities that occur each December.

Drama Club

The Regent Drama Club produces two major productions per year, a musical and a play. There are 7 crews: stage, make-up, costuming, lighting, props, sound and administrative (house and publicity). Open to all who are interested. Anyone in a theater class is automatically a member of Drama Club, and is expected to volunteer substantial hours to one of the crews.

DRIVE Troupe (formerly Fade to Black)

Discovering Reality In Valuable Encounters—This club creates Theatrical scenes on teen issues and performs them for specific West High School Functions.

Engineering Club

A club devoted to advanced learning in the area of Engineering. We work in unison with the engineering classes at West.


Forensics is the art of public speaking and performance. In Forensics you can either interpret a work of literature, poetry or drama, or prepare your own speech on anything that interests you. Speeches are performed for peers and adult judges, and you are ranked in order of best overall presentation. Recruitment begins in October. The first meet is in December. Forensics competitions are held January-April, and are almost always on Saturdays. Click here for the West Forensics Website.

French Club

Groups select activities--service, cuisine, conversation, French parties, folk fairs, videos, etc. Open to all French students with an interest in French.

French Honor Society

An honor society for invited members who meet the criteria, fundraising activities for spring initiation banquet and for “Doctors Without Borders”. Members need a Grade of A in French for 3 consecutive semesters prior to semester of induction. Must be at least Grade 10; overall GPA of 3.0 in other subjects.

Freshmen Connections Edgewood

Freshmen invested in their academic success and personal achievement. (By application to F/CE)

Frisbee Club

Preparing for nationals.

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)

Diverse group of students working together to promote a safe and tolerant atmosphere at West and beyond. Open to all.

Geography Olympiad

This group discusses geography concepts and ideas and prepares for the National Geography Society’s annual High School competition exam and we study the physical and cultural features of the earth, to learn more about the surrounding world.

German Club

German Club will be a gathering of students interested in the German Language and culture. Possible activities are Kaffee Klatsch, breakfast, hiking, soccer, competition, speakers, etc.

Girl’s Lacrosse Athletic Team

Athletic team.

Green Club

The Green Club works to inform West High School and the surrounding community about environmental issues, encourage environmentally friendly habits such as biking and also runs the West recycling program.

HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America)

HOSA is a student organization whose mission is to promote career opportunities in health care and to enhance the delivery of quality health care to all people. Students in medical occupations classes are eligible to compete in all HOSA events at State and National conferences. West HOSA activities include service projects, education/outreach, leadership training and conference attendance.


Peer education and action exploring complexities of sexual violence. (Female members)

Italian Club

The goal of this group is to further the appreciation of all things Italian. Activities include Italian conversation, study of Italian culture and exchange of ideas with members of other cultures. Members must have an interest in Italian language and culture.

Japan Bowl Club

Club members meet regularly to prepare for annual state and national Japan Bowl competition-an academic contest of Japanese language and culture. Participants must be in grades 10, 11 or 12. Second, third and fourth year teams compete in the spring in Washington, D.C.

Japanese Club

Students explore Japanese culture and language through a variety of activities at West. Members must have an interest in Japanese language and culture.

Japanese Honor Society

The club meets to recognize and support excellence in Japanese language studies at West High School. Members must have a 3.5 for 3 semesters in Japanese with an overall 3.0 at West.

Jazz Too

Open to instrumental music students who can read music and wish to have an inclusive and low pressure "jazz performance experience". Jazz Too is a "training band" for Jazz West. Members rehearse regularly and perform at school functions such as Swing Dance, Fine Arts Week and the Courtyard Concert.

Jazz West

This is a performing group which rehearses regularly and performs for numerous functions on and off campus, (Swing Dance, Fine Arts Week, festivals, programs). Students must have instrumental proficiency, jazz experience and are accepted by audition only.

Knitting Club

Club offers an opportunity for those interested in knitting and crocheting to share skills, ideas, and patterns while working on projects in the company of others. Members are encouraged to donate one or more products to a community organization or cause. As the club develops, we may also enter competitions.

LaCrossse- Girl's

For students interested in learning and playing LaCrosse.

Latin Club

Carry on duties of Wisconsin Junior Classical League, volunteer activities: WPT, NPR, University Sporting events, social activities-bowling, dinners, movies.

Latino Dance Club

Dances taught: Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, etc. No experience necessary. Members must love to dance! Fun learning program you'll be fascinated once your in it!

Math Team Club

Club members meet weekly to prepare for bi-monthly math meets. Open to all students who love a good math problem. Competitions include the Madison Area Math League, State Math Meet, Mandelbrot, and the Wisconsin Math League.

Men's Choir

This is a collegiate acapella type performing group for male singers grades 9-12. Members need only an interest in singing. No experience necessary.

Mock Trial

This group is sponsored by the Wisconsin State Bar Association and provides an invigorating forum for students to act as lawyers and witnesses in a real courtroom before a real judge to argue a hypothetical but realistic court case against other Mock Trail teams from the region and the state. Membership is open to students of all grade levels.


Multico is a touring multicultural acting company that educates elementary/middle school kids about tolerance and diversity.

National Honor Society

Service-oriented club for students with high academic achievement. Members are inducted into NHS as Juniors with 3.5 GPA and 60 service hours.

OM (Only Meditation)

Meditation club, sampling the traditions of many cultures for health and well being.

Outstanding Latino Society

This is a club dedicated to the Latino population in West High School. Its purpose is to improve the overall image of Latinos at West and it is a chance for Latinos to be actively a part of the community at West.

Peer Tutoring

Student peers assist other students in a variety of subjects. They are drawn from many sources and must have a solid background and interest in a particular subject. Tutors must be recommended by a teacher, have a strong interest in helping others and be willing to make a commitment of at least 2 times a week.

Pep Band

Made up primarily of volunteers from West High School's 3 concert bands, Pep Band provides pop/rock "spirit" music for selected athletic events, usually about 10 per year. Members must have proficiency on a band instrument.

Pictionary Club

JV Art Team meets at least once a month to be Pictionary ninjas.

Poetry Club


Regent Review Newspaper

The student newspaper of West High School, the Regent Review, gathers, investigates and features news and trends pertinent to the school and the student body. The Regent Review produces and distributes an issue to the faculty and students of West. Members must demonstrate proficient writing ability and be committed to write at least one article (news, features, editorial...etc.) per month. Members are also required to perform newspaper related tasks such as taking photos, distributing paper, and other duties.

Rocket Club

Our goal is to construct a two stage rocket, carry two eggs to an altitude of 1,250 feet and return them safely to the ground. Success will qualify us to compete at a national rocketry competition. Members must have an interest in rocketry. Club website: http://westrocketry.com

Roof Over Our Heads

This is a group that through a benefit concert and raffle, makes money for transitional housing. (Service -Oriented)

Rowing Club

Athletes from various high schools around Madison are active year round and participate in the highest level of competition in the country.

Rugby - Women's

For students interested in learning and playing rugby. The Rugby Club combines West's women with other area schools for competition.

Running Club

Non-competitive fun running after school. Set weekly or bi-weekly goals for distance. Warm up and stretching after the runs. Possible sign up for fun-runs around Madison.


SADD offers a supportive group that permits safe choices through teach-ins, demonstrations and advertisements. Interest in addressing issues such as underage drinking, illegal drug use and unsafe sexual practices.

Science Olympiad

There are 23 different science related topics/activities to participate in. Season's goal: to compete at State tournament and if we win State we would go on to a National competition.

Senior Citizens

This group is made up of Seniors who are willing to welcome and encourage underclassmen.

Ski Club

Ski racing for Alpine and Nordic qualify for High School championship.


The WHS SMART Team is made up of 9-12 Grade students and their advisor working with research scientists to design and construct physical models of the proteins or other molecular structures that are being investigated in their laboratories. SMART Teams use state-of-the-art molecular design software and rapid prototyping technologies to produce these unique models. We have 3 main goals: 1) Learn to design and build physical models of a molecular structure using newly developed software and state-of-the-art rapid prototyping technology, 2) Experience real science as it exists in an active bio-molecular research lab., 3) Develop skills necessary to communicate the accomplishments of your project to your peers, parents, researchers and the interested public. The program has 3 phases: Qualification, Research & Model Design and Dissemination.

Snow Pirates

Snow Pirates is a supportive community for the Friends of West Latin. Amongst its many purposes is to provide a warm and nurturing atmosphere for delicate teenage psyches and to enjoy gourmet cuisine. The weekly meetings are conducive to emotional, social, spiritual and psychological growth. On Tuesdays, we meet to celebrate our differences and similarities in a jubilant kaleidoscopic festival of affirmation. It is a veritable spectrum of all things pleasurable.

Social & Leisure Activities Club

The club meetings will consist of card games, darts, billiards, ping-pong, foosball, air hockey, checkers and board games. These activities will give students a chance to play their favorite games and to meet new people. There will also be the possibility of field trips.

Spanish Honor Society

Speed Reading Club

This club is open to all West students and faculty who wish to participate in and wrestle with their own personal reading skill development. Each of us records our own progress in speed, reading aerobic skills and comprehension during our learning time. We explore correlations between our individual efforts and our progress. We share ideas and celebrate each other's struggles and successes. Participants must have an interest in personal improvement of reading speed and comprehension, curiosity about variations in reading styles, skills and related factors, interest in helping others to improve their reading skills and to be supportive of everyone's efforts and achievements regardless of skill levels.

Student Council

Students For Combating Poverty Through Education

Raising money to help those less fortunate receive an education.

Students For Informed Response (SIR)

Inspiring students to become more involved in the world around them from a progressive stance.

Taiko Drumming

Students are taught the Okinawa style of Japanese Taiko drumming. This style combines Japanese drumming and martial arts with both traditional and modern Okinawa music. Performance opportunities in the community may be available to interested students. Members need no previous experience. For more information link to our website: http://www.otdw.com/


Assessing and choosing poems and short stories submitted by anyone at West for the yearly publication. Members must like poetry and short stories.


Tutees are primarily freshmen and sophomore but many juniors and seniors seek help. Tutors are drawn from many sources: those who have been recommended by teachers, have a solid background and interest in a particular subject or are successful classmates in the same course. Tutoring is available Monday-Friday all day long.

Ultimate Frisbee

Water Polo Club

Water Polo Club is a club in which the group interest is a water sport other than competitive swimming. We meet 2 mornings a week before school to play and increase skills in the sport of water polo. The club is dormant until the competitive swimming sports at West have completed their seasons (pool availability). We generally start in March and continue until the end of school. It is not required that a member be a competitive swimmer, but they should be a good swimmer.

West Climbing Club

Club members must be interested in climbing. We will climb both indoors and outdoors.

Winter Running Club

WOMP (West Old Movie People)

WOW (Women of West or West Organization of Women)

Plan fun events that educate on feminist issues and do volunteer work for women within the community.


Young Democrats Association

The Young Democrats Association is a club dedicated to promoting the principles of the Democratic Party in West High School and in the surrounding community. A central group objective is to participate in the campaigns of Democrats running for local, state and federal office. Democrats of all stripes are welcome to attend our weekly meetings, where we discuss group projects, debate the contentious political issues of the day and snack on milk and cookies. Everyone is welcome. Check out our website at: mailto:www.ydawest.com

Young Republicans Club